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Reliable input systems

The demands placed on modern HMI systems and keyboards are varied and complex, requiring both compliance with industry-specific standards and intuitive operation.

Bespoke products designed and manufactured to specification at Griessbach cover keyboards and HMI units for any type of industry or application.

Our products meet the most complex operating requirements, and come ready to connect up and install on your control device.


Robustness with a touch of sensitivity

HMI systems

Always ready to go

From simple to custom

Versatile keyboards

Keyboards are the most common interface for communication between humans and machines, and we place great emphasis on functionality and ease of use in the keyboards that we develop. We work together with you on an ideal solution for your application.

Whether you are interested in a traditional membrane or a tactile short-stroke keyboard, we will design and manufacture a keyboard to satisfy your needs in full.

Summary of keyboard types

· Membrane keyboards

· Membrane keyboards on PCBs

· Short-stroke keyboards

Membrane keyboards

Our polyester-membrane keyboards are resilient and versatile, allowing endless possibilities in user interface design and functionality with any number of keys, key positions and shapes. We also supply keyboards that even support lamination on curved surfaces to satisfy a curved design concept. The circuitry is printed right onto the polyester sheet, so membrane keyboards are also extremely cost-effective.

We can improve the tactile qualities of your keyboard by using embossed keys in different shapes, and integrate LEDs and labelling strips directly into the keys for visual guidance and Illumination.




· Completely individualised design

· Cleaning and disinfection

· Low-profile installation depth

· Space-saving, compact HMI panels

· Effective tactile key feedback

Application areas – keyboards

mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing

for any application

Membrane keyboards on PCBs

Apart from classical benefits such as high resistance and endless possibilities in design and functional tactility, membrane keyboards on PCBs present another, powerful feature – the keyboard controller is fully integrated, allowing complex functions on smarter keyboards. Apart from that, the board also supports integrated electronic components and assemblies with integrated moving controls to extend its functionality as required. Even with the low-profile design, the keys still support even illumination across the surface of the key. The PCB doubles as a carrier plate to provide mechanical stability on your HMI unit.


Membrane keyboards on PCBs


· Low-profile design

· SMD components to either the HMI surface or back

· High key packing density possible

· Mechanical elements can be integrated by pressing in fasteners such as bolts, threaded sleeves or clamps as locking elements.

· Additional support plates are not absolutely necessary (optional)

Application areas – membrane keyboards on PCBs

suitable in almost any industry or application

Short-stroke keyboards

Short-stroke keyboards have a fixed layout, but they are still highly flexible in design and application – polyester front panel overlays support bespoke design and screen-printing to specification. Conventional electromechanical components such as switches or joysticks also integrate well with indicators and short-stroke keys, giving you much higher margin of freedom for combining various controls together with our Griessbach illumination concepts in your short-stroke keyboard.

Our illumination concepts developed at Griessbach have placed us among the leading keyboard illumination developers. We work together with you on planning illumination concepts to simplify the user interface for intuitive control. We also design individual illumination solutions that meet your needs in full using our Griessbach illumination concept.

Short-stroke keyboards make full use of Griessbach illumination keys.

Short-stroke keyboards for appliance manufacturing

Short-stroke keyboards for medical devices

Short-stroke keyboards for presses

Always ready to go

Functional HMI systems

Human-machine interface systems consist of complex input panels enabling comprehensive functionality and communication in a variety of applications. We manufacture bespoke HMI systems to specification using various input technologies, applying extensive experience in HMI system development and manufacturing. Whether classical switches, short-stroke keyboards or touch-sensitive systems, whether tactile or visual feedback, we combine a variety of technologies and controls in custom surface and casing designs.

We develop HMI concepts to ensure the desired functionality while maximising durability and taking the requirements of modern data transfer technologies and protocols into account.

Our solutions are as varied as the applications you will find our HMI systems used in. You can rely on our innovative strength while benefiting from our high level of vertical manufacturing integration. We supply reliable HMI systems ready for connection from a one-stop shop.

Input systems for municipal and environmental engineering

Input systems for maritime automation

Input systems for appliance manufacturing