Whether urban or rural

HMI systems for municipal and environmental engineering

Municipal and environmental engineering involves services as diverse as clearing away snow, maintaining parks and mowing slopes, placing varied demands on machine operators. Intuitive operator guidance is as important as a rugged HMI system. Extreme weather conditions, dirt and environmental influences are all part of the working conditions that municipal and environmental engineering machines have to withstand.

Self-explanatory operator guidance with clear symbols and icons as well as intuitive control layout ensure secure and reliable communication between operator and machine. We will develop the ideal HMI system for your requirements together with you as our customer.

Control cabinet

Case Study

Example: development & manufacturing of a switch cabinet

Development & manufacturing of a cabinet

· Front resistant to external environmental influences (dust and water)

· Key operation means Griesbach-illuminated push button

· Integration of Griesbach CAN modules

· Key labeling by sheet and insert strips

· By labeling films and slide-in strips variable configuration concepts are possible