Making the right connection

Wiring for connection-ready devices

We equip our HMI units with all necessary terminals for the entire wiring in finished assemblies.

As with every other manufacturing step, we place great emphasis on precision and quality on wiring using state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing techniques. These include gas-tight compression, extension force measurement and automatic crimping force to provide consistently high-quality crimped Connections.

You also benefit from our complete manufacturing operations in wiring as wires are cut, labelled, crimped, connected up to the terminals and electrically tested for bundling into the wire harness. This gives you a complete device ready to be connected up, a device already equipped with all of the necessary terminals – and all from a one-stop shop.

Insights into our cable assembly:

Cutting Machine

Ablaengenautomat von Schleuniger Messer und Kabel
Ablaengenautomat 3

Strip the cable

Litze ansetzen und Aderenshuelse aufsetzen
fertiges Kabel abisoliert


Micrograph of crimped contact

Raise protective conduit

Integration of various plug