Casing it up

Sturdy, durable front panels and casings

We use CNC machine tools for machining front panels as well as injection moulding machines, fastener pressing equipment, and laser engraving machines for labelling a variety of surfaces, giving us a high degree of versatility in constructing your HMI device.

Our in-house tool shop allows us to construct parts tailored for one-off solutions or solutions unavailable on the market.

Our toolmaking specialists are able to satisfy customer specifications quickly and accurately. We use custom injection moulding tools for accurate part manufacturing from key caps to casings as required by your application.

· Panels machining

· Housing production

· Injection

Insights into our mechanical components:

Panels machining

To implement custom housing requirements we produce housing made of various materials. For this we mill aluminum plates of different thicknesses and the finished injection-molded housing of various plastics. Depending on the requirements specification, we set in also thick-walled, a foamed plastic housing.

Housing production – i.e. laser engraving for labeling and marking of surfaces


To implement the Griesbach light concept the Griesbach-illuminated push button is made with all necessary parts, such as different key caps, key plunger or special skylights in our plastic molding and developed by our specialists.