Top quality is key

Quality assurance as a priority

One of our ultimate goals is to provide consistently high manufacturing and product quality, and we have integrated quality assurance measures into the various stages of our manufacturing process to reach this Goal.

Our quality assurance mainly consists of inspecting incoming goods, measuring equipment monitoring, running checks and process performance indicators that keep our continuous improvement process moving.

We subject each production batch to testing followed by a 100 % routine test using qualified testing equipment after final assembly. After that, the product will not leave our premises before further and final random-sample inspection by our quality assurance staff.

Insight into our quality assurance process:

Quality assurance process of the Profinet controller

Top quality as standard

We use specifically developed quality tests and standard certified testing processes for the different manufacturing and testing stages.

We work together with corresponding testing organisations for final certification and acceptance.

We work according to the following quality and certification guidelines


- Traceability at component level

- EOL testing

- Air examination

- ISO 9001-certified quality management

Quality assurance process cabinet

Quality assurance process keyboard