High-quality processes ensuring product excellence

Quality assurance wall-to-wall

Quality assurance takes top priority for us, as it keeps error rates down during the production process for the products supplied to meet the highest quality standards. We have implemented a quality assurance system along the entire product life cycle from product development and pilot production to series production.

Continuous and comprehensive quality assurance even during product development is essential for a successful final product. We use a variety of test methods in-house towards ensuring a development process that keeps time and cost to a minimum. Our in-house EMC preliminary and air testing covers the function and behaviour of components we develop for adaptation and correction in the development phase. We will not pass the product on to external testing organisations – if required – until all of our in-house test situations have been passed.

We guarantee 100% routine testing in series production using testing equipment tailored to your product. Our test engineers plan, manufacture and test the testing equipment required, thus ensuring that you can rely on extensive quality assurance and a full function test matching your particular HMI system and its control elements before delivery.

We also provide constructive manufacturing support during series production. We implement change requests for you even after the production stage, and test production processes for proper implementation and possible optimisation.

Insight into our quality assurance process:

Entwicklung und Qualitaetssicherung Grießbach Ludwigsfelde

Full quality assurance

Already during the product development focus is on a comprehensive quality assurance and testing methods selected on site to ensure a successful implementation of your product.

Entwicklung und Qualitatssicherung auf hohem niveau

Routine test

Development of an individual, series production test equipment by our test engineers. Thus we can guarantee a 100 percent routine test in series production.