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HMI systems on the railways

You have to be able to rely on your HMI systems if you are rolling down the rails at 200 mph. Wide temperature fluctuations, condensation, shock, vibrations and electromagnetic influences are amongst the challenges that HMI systems have to face in the railway industry. Our engineers develop solutions for controlling complex processes to meet every standard applicable to electrical components in the industry. Our products also come with a high level of system reliability and component availability.

As in other areas, we also use ethernet-based bus technology ensuring simple connections to the overall databus systems for reliable data transfer in trains in our railway Solutions.

Case Study

Example: Reduction of wiring work

Reduction of wiring work


· Minimize the amount of wiring.


· Strands trains are now mimicked by conductor tracks in the copper PCB, which were previously wired by hand.

· This allowed space and labor are saved, which ultimately resulted in a cost reduction and price saving.

· Increase reliability, space savings, price savings and cost reductions for the customer.