Clear and intuitive

HMI systems for construction machinery

The odd piece of masonry will come flying through the air on any construction site, so resistance to shocks, impacts and vibrations places huge demands on HMI systems in construction machinery. Dust, dirt, heat, cold and humidity can also affect the components, requiring heat and weather resistance amongst the fundamental criteria in deciding on which type of system to install.

Components must be extremely robust by design, but also easy to use, or they will not be safe to operate. We will develop a clear operating concept with you, a concept including self-illuminating keys, clear and intuitive symbols and icons, and ergonomically arranged controls for a simple and reliable operator guidance.

Control panel

Dynapac Bedienpult Griessbach

Case Study

Example: development and implementation of a control panel

Development & implementation of a control panel


· Customize key arrangement of the work process of the machine

· Integration of fieldbus and PLC control

· Streamlining of the wiring harness


· In order to achieve an ergonomic control panel, a panel was chosen from a single counter existing solutions. Thereby, the integrated display and the buttons are inclined towards the operator ergonomically.

· The angled shape with only one surface not only increases the ease of use, but also prevents the ingress of water.

· Integrated night design and integrated function lighting gained through the use of Griessbach lighting concept.

· Communication with the machine via a CAN bus.

· Cost advantage by exchanging conventional toggle through SMD-equipped on button.