Robustness with a touch of sensitivity

HMI systems for agricultural machinery

Working conditions are hard out in the fields, and agricultural machinery still has to work smoothly under extreme weather conditions and ambient temperatures. This includes error-free operation – the HMI system has to withstand extreme environmental influences while keeping with a variety of ergonomic and functional requirements, such as reliable control with the operator wearing thick work gloves on a machine that won’t stop moving.

Intuitive menu navigation, ergonomically arranged operating and display devices as well as electro-mechanical components such as joysticks and safety switches are essential to comfortable, reliable human interaction with agricultural machinery.

Smooth communication between humans and machines requires compliance with design standards, with all of the safety mechanisms tested and approved for use in the agricultural industry.


Case Study

Example: Parallel guidance display

Parallel tracking display


· Communication with the ISOBUS interface

· Expansion module for exchanging data with the ISOBUS terminal


· Homogeneous illumination and realization of design specifications

· Communication with the ISOBUS interface