Keeping sight of the big picture – even in the dark

HMI systems for maritime automation

Marine automation systems need to work reliably in the most hostile of operating conditions to ensure the safety of crew, passengers and cargo.

Whether it is a container vessel or luxurious yacht, salt water and sunlight are two environmental influences that any maritime HMI system will have to contend with.

Apart from environmental factors, different lighting conditions pose a challenge in HMI systems and their developers – a challenge our experienced specialists positively enjoy tackling as they develop innovative solutions to ensure smooth operation in the dark or in direct sunlight. Technical expectations placed on HMI systems used in maritime automation include reversible keys that are easy to operate even in restricted spaces and varying lighting conditions, and bright illumination and precise backlight dimming on control panels.

We would be pleased to apply these different requirements in solutions that are easy and safe to operate in the most extreme of lighting conditions.

Marine compliant keyboard

Case Study

Example: Marine compliant keyboard

Marine compliant keyboard


· Implementation of a modular system that is based on a module.


· Development of an assembly which can be used for different display systems. The customer is therefore for the operator side with the label and the prompt variable and can also configure the display systems freely stackable.

· Using the software, the colors can be controlled differently.

· Compliance with all prescribed shipping standards for control components, for example Germanischer Lloyd (GL)

· Combining the expertise in house