Bringing light into the darkness

Versatile display systems

The display systems we produce provide secure and reliable visual operator guidance for your equipment and machinery. Modern LED and display modules show various states, providing visual feedback on the processes involved to your operators. Surface illumination and varied colour design elements give you precise display surface illumination with dot matrix and TFT displays showing symbols or moving Images.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, our display systems cover a variety of brightness requirements as used in industries such as agricultural and construction machinery, railway vehicles, printing machines or in laboratory, medical and maritime engineering, or machine and equipment construction.

As with all our products, we focus on bespoke product solutions in our display systems. We develop concepts meeting the highest standards of technology, appearance and quality in any field of industry.


High resistance to environmental influences and temperatures

Resistance to shock, vibration, dust and dirt

Various interfaces: Fieldbus or hardwired

Various brightness requirements covered

Application areas:

Suitable for any industry or application area