More than just standard

Ready to use standard systems: CAN modules

Our scalable CAN modules support a wide variety of key numbers and overlay designs for users to keep development costs down in short production runs.

Our CAN modules are individually configurable keypads available with user interfaces designed to specification. Our CAN modules are standard modules that come in a variety of sizes as four to twelve-key modules. They are also fitted with telltale position lighting and two LEDs per key.

CAN module with snap technique

PROFINET controllers

Our PROFINET controllers certified to conformance class C (CC-C) are equipped with a TPS1 processor and PROFINET interface as well as two PHYs and an IRT-compatible switch. This allows the devices to be integrated by series connection into your existing PROFINET network without requiring any additional hardware. Integrated PROFINET controllers allow communication with PLC systems and any other machine systems as well as quick and easy connection to any HMI System.

Naturally, we develop bespoke input systems for combination with standard PROFINET controllers allowing easy connection to your PROFINET control System.

Profinet module